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Meet the Doctor

Dr. Mark J. Connelly

Since graduating from the University of Michigan Dental School, Dr. Mark Connelly has completed over 1,100 hours of postgraduate study, above and beyond any continuing education requirement. He is recognized as a Master of the Academy of General Dentistry, a distinction achieved by less than 1% of American dentists. Dr. Connelly's commitment to lifetime learning in the dental field and to keeping up to date with the latest advancements in dentistry allows him to provide your family with the highest level of dental care possible, in the most effective and comfortable way.

Dr. Connelly recieved his sedation training training at Albert Einstein School of Medicine, Montefiore Dental Center in the Bronx, New York in 2002. Since than he has treated hundreds of people using sedation. In November of 2009 he was awarded the the Masters in the College of Consious Sedation status(

Dr. Connelly has been caring for the smiles of families in our community since 1984. Besides having been involved with the Big Brothers/Big Sisters program, he has climbed Mt. Whitney to raise money for Operation Smile and has volunteered his time for community screening programs, community health fairs and school programs.

His main interests are his family and dentistry. Dr. Connelly and his wife, Yvonne, who is a Clinical Psychologist, have four children: Austen, Anna, Mark and Carmen.

Credentials and Memberships

  • American Dental Association
  • Michigan Dental Association
  • American Academy of Implant Dentistry
  • Academy of Computerized Dentistry of North America
  • College of Conscious Sedation
  • American Dental Society of Anesthesiology
  • International Congress of Oral Implantologists

Appointment Phone:

(989) 224-2379


To Dr. Connelly & Staff

I want to just say I can’t thank you enough for giving me a reason to smile again and for all the kindness you showed.



J.A.B. (Mother of N.B.)

Dr. Connelly & Staff

N.B. was in for her dental work this past week. The results of the dental work you did on her was wonderful.

She came to show me late on the same day you did the sleep/procedure work. I expected some changes, but not the beautiful white, new alignment of the front teeth and general great appearance. She had no after-numbness and even the next day no problems with chewing, swallowing or talking.—Amazing!

You and your staff truly did a fine job. Thank you for your great care


(Mother of N.B.)


Dr Connelly & Staff,

I just wanted to send a thank you note after my recent crown and root canal.

I was very nervous and even with the unexpected root canal, I knew

I made the right choice coming to you. I was very pleased you could do everything in one visit and that you stayed late to do so. I was also very impressed with the follow up call.

Much to my surprise I was in very little pain and even started eating on it by the second day.




Dear Dr Connelly,

I am writing this letter to thank you and your staff for the outstanding service you recently gave me.

I have neglected my teeth for years due to my fear of having any dental work done. However, because of your knowledge, expertise, and kindness, as well as that of your staff.

I was able to set through a root canal without any problems. I can’t tell you enough how grateful I am for the calm and pain-free experience you gave me.

I have a good amount of work yet to be done, but because of you and your staff, I am actually looking forward to it.

Thanks to you, I will eventually have my smile back, but what is more important to me is that I can now set a good example for my daughter.

Thanks again,




Dear Dr Connelly,

I’d like you to know that you’re the best dentist I’ve ever had. Can I take you to Traverse City area?

You have corrected my periodontal problems. You are very thorough and conscientious in your work. Because of your efforts my teeth and mouth is healthier than it has been in 20 yrs. I’ll never forget your gentle care.




Dr Connelly, I want to express my sincerest thanks to you and your staff.

On January 20, 2005 I came in for my routine dental checkup and cleaning. As a new part of the exam you took my blood pressure. It was very high and I had never had high blood pressure, so following my appointment at your office I went immediately to my physician’s office.

My doctor was concerned that I have Renal Artery Stenosis, so I was referred for an MRI for my kidneys. The films showed that I did not have Renal Artery Stenosis, but did detect a 3 cm tumor in my right kidney. A CT scan confirmed with a 95% accuracy that I have kidney cancer.

On March 16, 2005 I will undergo surgery to remove the tumor and part of the kidney. My prognosis is very good since the cancer has been caught so early. I have a 98% survival rate for five years.

I am so grateful that you care enough about your patients overall well being and not just their dental care to implement the blood pressure screening.

In my specific case it has saved my life.

Thank you.


M.B. and B.B.

Dear Dr Connelly & Staff

Thank you so much for the prompt and professional treatment you recently provided to Ben after his unfortunate incident at the bowling alley when his front teeth were broken. You took a negative and traumatic moment and turned it into a positive experience.

The sincerity and caring you showed began immediately with making yourselves available as soon as possible for treatment. The procedures were gentle and I really appreciate the extra time you gave to make Ben feel at ease. I am so thankful for the patience and time you took to make sure the insurance billing was correct. The follow-up calls you made to check on Ben were thoughtful and just reinforced how genuine you are.

To find people as trustworthy, caring and professional as all of you is truly a rare blessing. We wanted to let you know how much we appreciate all of you and how grateful we are to know that you’re there for us.


M.B. and B.B.

Sedation Testimonials

This is what Dr Connelly’s patients are saying about sedation dentistry . . .

“I didn’t feel or remember a thing. I am still amazed at how much dentistry was done while I was sedated. It’s the only way to go."

“I use to dread going to the dentist. The anxiety about my dental appointment would keep me awake the night before. I was a wreck!  With sedation dentistry, I no longer dread having my dental work done.”

“I was embarrassed to see a dentist after so many years of neglect but Dr. Connelly and his staff were very caring and helpful. I got no lectures!”


Whitening for brighter natural looking teeth

Would you like your smile to be a bit brighter than it is right now? We can make it happen at St. Johns Dental Care, with professional tooth whitening for brighter natural looking teeth. Dr. Mark Connelly's St. Johns, MI area office can effectively lighten your stained or discolored tooth enamel. Whiter teeth not only look great, they improve your self-confidence.

Mercury-free tooth-colored fillings

If you're looking for a more pleasing, silver-free smile, you'll want St. Johns area dentist Dr. Mark Connelly to replace your amalgam fillings with natural-looking composite fillings. Tooth-colored fillings are thought to be safer and more attractive than older silver amalgam fillings. Dr. Connelly will precisely match your new tooth-colored composite fillings with the natural color of your teeth, providing you with virtually invisible fillings.

Your comfort is our first concern

Here at St. Johns Dental Care, your comfort is our number one priority. We will do our utmost to put you at ease and keep you feeling relaxed and secure. Under the experienced leadership of Dr. Mark Connelly, our dedicated team of professionals is at your service to explain your treatment thoroughly and answer any questions you may have.

Sleep dentistry for stress-free care

Sleep dentistry offers a relaxing and virtually pain-free dental experience. You'll have little or no memory of the entire visit. If you would you like to experience quality dental care without feeling nervous or uncomfortable, sleep dentistry may be right for you.

Natural-looking dental crowns

Dr. Mark Connelly, practicing in the St. Johns, MI area, can provide you with the highest quality dental crowns available, and restore your smile. Using state-of-the-art materials and cutting-edge techniques, Dr. Connelly can make your smile look healthy and natural again.

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St Johns Dental Care is conveniently located on M21, 1.3 miles west of US 27 or 3.5 blocks east of business 27, at 911 East State Street Suite C in St Johns, MI.

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This office is closed on the following holidays: New Year's Day, President's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day.

Experienced St. Johns Teeth Whitening Dentist Creates Great Smiles

The truth is, white teeth are more than just attractive; they can actually boost your confidence and help you both professionally and socially. And the best part? Getting that whiter, brighter smile is easy and affordable with St. Johns teeth whitening dentist Mark Connelly, D.D.S.

Coffee, tea, wine, cigarettes - they can all contribute to stained, discolored teeth. Unfortunately, even growing older can dim the brightness of your smile. While many over-the-counter products promise whiter teeth, they can't match the results that Dr. Mark Connelly can deliver. Professional teeth whitening at St. Johns Dental Care effectively treats discolored and aging teeth through proven techniques.

Why wait another moment to meet a quality St. Johns teeth whitening dentist? Call St. Johns Dental Care at (989) 224-2379 or complete our simple online form to schedule a consultation with Dr. Mark Connelly. We're dedicated to providing you with affordable, top-quality dental care.

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  • Mercury-free tooth-colored fillings
  • Natural-looking dental crowns
  • Sleep dentistry for stress-free care
  • Whitening for brighter natural looking teeth
  • Your comfort is our first concern
  • Dental insurance accepted and filed for you
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