Best Teeth Whitening Methods for the Most Dramatic Results

Teeth whiteners are available everywhere these days: at the grocery store, the drug store, the beauty counter, even at mall kiosks. But if you want really white teeth, you need to know that not all teeth whitening products are the same.

Whitening toothpaste will brighten your smile a little bit. Whitening strips might lighten your teeth a little bit more. But they will never whiten teeth as quickly and effectively as professional teeth whitening.

The best teeth whitening products are only available to licensed dentists. Since it's possible to over-bleach teeth or irritate gums, only professionals can legally use the strongest tooth whiteners that contain relatively high levels of hydrogen peroxide. This sort of teeth whitener can whiten teeth by several shades in just one appointment.

Laser teeth whitening goes even one step further. In this method, laser light speeds the teeth bleaching process. The Zoom Chairside Whitening System is an example of this sort of instant whitening, but there are other systems that use lasers to activate the tooth bleaching agent.

If you have very badly stained teeth, it might take multiple tooth whitening sessions to give you your whitest smile. While most tooth whitening can lighten yellow teeth that have been stained by coffee, tea, or smoking, some stains are harder to remove. For example, some medications can cause stains deep within teeth that even the best teeth whitener cannot remove. Patients with intrinsic stains like that may opt for teeth veneers instead, since dental veneers let you make your teeth as white as you want.

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